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Brazilian Keratin Treatments and Blowouts

Hair Smoothing Treatments for all hair types.

Is a revolutionary process that softens, shines, reduces frizz, smooths hair and resists humidity.

– Quick – It is much easier to schedule. On average, a keratin treatment takes one stylist only two hours.

– Affordable – A Brazilian keratin treatment or blowout brings the price of silky smooth hair to a reasonable level.

– Universal – Keratin treatment can be used on dyed or highlighted hair. In fact, it can be used on any

The Brazilian Blowout & Keratin Treatments are for all types of hair.
– Gentle – It is NOT meant to be permanent and it DOES require redoing approximately every 3 months. That is why you can leave it on the client’s hair and walk away if you have to. That is why you can use it on children. That is why it blends with the natural growth of hair.

– Natural – It does NOT use strong chemicals to open and close the hair cuticle in an effort to straighten it, “breaking the bones” of the hair shaft. Keratin is a natural substance which comprises approximately 88% of your hair.

– Healthy – Keratin treatment penetrates the hair repairing internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage. The results of the keratin treatment are SOFT, SHINY, SMOOTH hair.- Easy – Begin with a shampoo designed to open the cuticle. Saturate the hair with the product (an average of 3 ounces). Blow it out dry. Iron small bunches of hair close to the scalp with a lower heat. Iron the entire head with a high heat to seal in the keratin.

– Simple – Do NOT wet, wash or put anything into the hair for 1- 3 days after a keratin treatment. After that shampoo and condition with any product NOT containing sodium chloride, which strips the keratin from the hair.

– Simply Amazing – The results of a keratin treatment speak for themselves. As one client said: “I’m so happy I don’t need my therapist anymore!”·

What Is The Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

A keratin treatment is a Brazilian straightening and smoothing treatment that creates impossibly shiny, frizz free and healthy hair. The most important characteristic of a keratin treatment is that it is avoids the use of any harsh chemicals and contains natural ingredients like keratin, a protein which is actually the major component of human skin, hair, and nails. A Brazilian Keratin Treatment works wonders to straighten and strengthen the hair, and does not contain harmful chemicals like sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide.