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Nicole Lindo

Welcome To Nicole Lindo Hair

Growing up in the Jacksonville Hair Salon Industry gave me a different perspective and appreciation on life and what beauty really is. Something no college can teach, something you only can learn through experience. That started pretty early for me. It is something I am very grateful for. At an early age I was surrounded by a family of hairstylists (a different breed of people lol) and others, that understood and had a passion for art, fashion, beauty, genuine minds and personalities. This has guided me to except and appreciate individuals for exactly who they are. Underneath all the insecurities we humans possess raw humor, and goofiness, etc .. I see the true beauty in every person that I meet. Whether you think you are cute or not, my passion as a hairstylist is to help you recognize your true beauty.

I brought my hairstylist expertise to the Southside of Jacksonville FL area in 2010. Call for a list of my hairstylist services, prices and/or to schedule an appointment call 904-568-0617.